A Dew’s Hope for The Green Lives

                                                     A Dew’s Hope for The Green Lives
                                                                     Resty Amalia

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A drop of tiny water in the beginning of a day
Bring the coolness in the morning
Nature bears a witness,
That dew comes to lead in a hope
For all biological lives

There’s a sadness comes to prevent
Prevent the dew drops its freshness
To the fragrant and dancing green lives
The green lives that are disappear, suffering and hurtful
Like to be forced, to be willing to go

The dew turns blue and hurtful
Its love to the green lives brings to a hope
A hope with a prayer
That the green lives come back
With rows of other green lives that stand up
Present the gentle wind that calm down the feeling
And once more, present its own meaning

That the dew comes to fulfill the days
When the green lives will never be alone
Because the dew comes to bring another soul
For the green lives that are waited for

Will earth be more beautiful,
When the eternal green lives
Strongly stand up to accompany the other creatures?
And the dew hopes so

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